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FBN Fertilizer Transparency Report

Over the past 12 months fertilizer values reached near record heights. Strong commodity prices, high energy costs and global trade shakeups will likely keep fertilizer costs inflated for much of the 2023 growing season. But how do your fertilizer costs compare to those of neighboring farmers in your area?

Based on aggregated and anonymized data contributed by FBN® members, our new FBN® Fertilizer Transparency Report 2022 will help you identify how your cost of fertilizer stacks up against to local, state and national values. The first installment in a new series of FBN biannual data-driven reports, our Fertilizer Transparency Report is the only publication of its kind in the ag industry.

How Do Your Fertilizer Costs Compare to Others Across Your Region?

By downloading this free report, you'll have access to:
Average fertilizer prices across the United States broken down by state and region
FBN Research analysis of the two main causes driving fertilizer prices to record highs
Local farmers' anticipated plans to adjust their fertilizer usage in the coming season
2023 acreage intentions and expected shifts in crop choice based on fertilizer pricing

Download the report today to stay informed and develop a thoughtful operational strategy ahead of next season.

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