FBN In The Palm Of Your Hand

Input Purchasing, Record Keeping, Grain Marketing, Maps, Seed Finder and More!


Maps When You Need Them

Satellite Imagery

Each week, we'll add a new set of EVI satellite images of your fields to the mobile app. Now, you'll be able to look at satellite maps on the go to check and confirm crop health.

Learn more about satellite imagery.

Precision Maps

If you've added precision files to your FBN account, you'll also be able to pull them up from your cell phone!

Learn more about the various map types.

FBN Profit Center 101

Watch our quick video to learn how FBN Profit Center works.

Your Grain Marketing Dashboard

See Bids From Local Buyers

We've aggregated bids from thousands of buyers so you don't have to make phone calls to keep up with the local market.

Zero In On Bids

With 1 tap you can sort bids by distance or target price, then filter to see prices for delivery now or later.

Save Sales & Track Inventory

Have a complete historical picture of your grain sales in the palm of your hand.

Know Your Breakeven Price

We'll automatically calculate hauling & production costs to help you hit your break even price.

Join Hundreds of Farmers

FBN members across the country use the FBN app.

Buy Inputs With Confidence

Check Prices

Check out national average prices for inputs before you buy. Network powered insights available in the palm of your hand.

Purchase Inputs

Buying the chemicals and fertilizers you need has never been made so easy! You can simply add products into your cart and check out right on your phone.

Connect with on FBN members

What makes FBN Community different
  • Quality Content: As a members only forum, you'll be interacting with the best farmers.
  • Usability: Optimized for use on the FBN app, you can search, post, and follow conversations.
  • Organization: Easily find the most relevant content based on where you farm and what you care about.
How do I participate?

What's on your mind? Ask the community! Agronomy, Farmer Hacks, Machinery, Marketing, Nutrition, Planting, Seeds, Soils, Spraying, Hay & Forage & More.

Share your experience with fellow FBN members!

Quick Guided Tour

Learn how easy it is to track chemical applications using the FBN mobile app.

Notebooks Are A Thing Of The Past

Scouting Notes & Photos

As you or your team members walk fields this spring, snap photos, log notes and tag with specific GPS coordinates for future reference.

Share with Team Members

Assigning tasks to team members has never been easier.
Learn how to create sub accounts today.

Precision Events

Already uploaded precision files? Your events will show up in the chronological timeline.

Stay Up-To-Date

No need to be in front of your computer or notebook to check field history. Simply tap the FBN app.

It's Simple to Get Started

Download the FBN app today and log in with your FBN user name and password.