Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War: Six Months Later

Six months ago, the Russia-Ukraine war quickly sparked a runup in commodity prices, with grain exports, fertilizer exports, and energy prices swiftly becoming primary concerns from an agriculture perspective. Despite news stories about the potential resolution of export flows and grain corridor problems, the conflict is still a massive disruption to the grain market.

Analyzing the Conflict's Effect on the Global Agricultural Market

With an estimated 2021 combined export valuation of $13.8 billion, Russian and Ukrainian exports typically account for about:

  • 29% of global wheat exports
  • 32% of barley exports
  • 19% of rapeseed exports
  • 17% of corn exports

Analyzing data collected over the past six months of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this new report first looks retrospectively at the impacts on agricultural trade, markets, and global food security, then looks ahead from the 2022 harvest season to future implications in 2023 and beyond.

Download the free report to learn:

  • The status of global grain exports and shipping capabilities from the two countries
  • Harvest expectations for each country compared to recent years
  • Four major impacts of the war the FBN Research team expects to see in 2023
  • How shifts in Russian and Ukrainian exports will affect other key countries and the agricultural economy worldwide

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