Introducing a Line of Credit that Rewards Regenerative Practices

Your practices can earn you a 0.5% interest rate rebate
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You know regenerative practices are important for your soil – and your farming practices today are important to the generations of farmers coming after you. At FBN we believe that forward thinking and work should be rewarded.

You may qualify for a 0.5% interest payment rebate on your approved Traditional Operating Line of Credit if your regenerative practices meet the Program requirements.

Rebate Program Steps

  1. Review program requirements
  2. Apply for FBN Operating Line of Credit*
  3. Complete regenerative practices eligibility phone consultation
  4. Enroll in the Regenerative Practices Rebate Program. View Program Agreement

At the end of the upcoming growing season you will share practice data to validate requirements. After requirements are validated and Line is repaid, you’ll receive an interest payment rebate check.


Apply for a Regenerative Practices Rebate

To enroll in the Program, Farmers must meet the following criteria:

  1. FBN Membership: Farmer must be a FBN Member. Membership is free - Sign-up Here
  2. Eligible Crops: Farmer grows corn, soybeans, and/or wheat
  3. Evidence of Soil Sampling: Farmer must show evidence of 10-acre density soil sampling in one of the last four years
  4. Soil Health Practices: On at least 70% of farmed acres, Farmer utilizes one or more of the following practices:
    • Ground is minimally disturbed (strip till, no-till – as defined by the NRCS)
    • Crop rotation has live roots (cash crop, cover crop, perennials) in the soil for at least 70% of the year
    • other regionally appropriate soil conservation practices outlined by the NRCS (e.g. riparian buffers, wind breaks) and approved by the program
  5. Nutrient Efficiency: 80% of fields achieve an Environmental Defense Fund N balance score between 25 - 75 lbs on a 3 year average. Learn about N Balance scoring

Requirements Questions? Talk to a program specialist

Traditional Operating Lines

Operating lines of credit with great rates and an easy application process.

Competitive Rates

Ranges from 3.35% to 5.25% – before applying the Regenerative Practices Rebate

Skip the Fees

No Origination Fee, Servicing Fee, or Application Fee

Flexible Line Amounts

From $50,000 to $5,000,000 for due date of March 1, 2023

Fast & Easy Application

Apply in minutes with online application and loan advisor support


Data Requirements

At the end of the growing season, crop production data will be collected to validate program requirements. Data collected will include:

  • Three years of crop production information to meet N balance and soil health requirements
  • Results from high density soil sampling (at least every ten acres) completed in one of the last four years

After verifying all program requirements were successfully met, the Regenerative Practices Rebate will be applied to your line of credit.

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